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Considering a CA IDMS Replication to an RDBMS

Let us do a free RISK Analysis of your Schema(s).

Just send us by E-Mail attachment:

  1. A copy of your CA IDMS Schema punched with the options "AS SYN WITHO SHA".
  2. A database space report generated with the "FULL" option.
  3. Your CA IDMS Release and Target RDBMS and Platform.

and we will tell you:

  1. The space requirements for the target RDBMS.
  2. Which portions of your database can be automatically replicated.
  3. Approximately how long it would take to build the initial replica using our DARSTRAN Software.
  4. Highlighted Schema constructs that may require attention before replication can begin.

** Note: If your prefer to FTP the data, please contact ISP and we will set up a Private FTP site for you. **


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