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CA IDMS Schema Analysis, Conversion Plus Space Report Analysis for RDBMS Sizing




Schema Analysis and Conversion:


Full Windows 95/98/Me/XP Pro/2000 Pro and Server/2003 Server GUI Interface


Identification of CA-IDMS constructs not easily supported in RDBMS


SET replication parameters


Record Selection for Replication


Element Selection for Replication within Record


Multiple Date Format conversions


Optional Date, Time and Journal Sequence Number, Program Name, etc. columns for target TABLEs


Complete Target DDL - CA-IDMS SQL, DB2/UDB, Informix, MS SQL Server, Oracle and Sybase


Utility function to generate the DARSTRAN Initial Load extract control statements


Option to generate Eclipse compliant JAVA for the target RDBMS Read






Space Report Analysis:


Calculates Total Row Lengths per Target TABLE


Identifies SET Eligibility for Foreign Key Relationships in the Target TABLEs


Calculates the Number and Length of Each Foreign Key


Calculates Total Data Space per Target TABLE


Calculates Total Index Space per Target TABLE


Calculates Total Size in Bytes and Megabytes of the Target Database


Calculates Total Number of Record Occurrences in the CA-IDMSSchema


Provides Estimates of the Transfer Time to Move the Initial Load Data to the Target Platform






Schema Translation Features:


User Specified Column Names


User Defined Columns for the Target RDBMS


Schema Version Merge Facility


Selectable Target RDBMS




Single Target TABLE for multiple similar CA-IDMS Records


Date Element Masks for auto date element conversion

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