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The Innovative Evolution of The Industry-Leading CA IDMS Replication Toolset




  Cost Savings and

DARSTRAN reduces the impact on mainframe resources through highly optimized code and, optionally, by moving the Archive Journal processing to the target platform.


Near Real-Time target updates are achieved using the sophisticated Active Journal facility in conjunction with the speed, reliability and guaranteed message delivery of IBM'S MQSeries software running on the mainframe and target platforms.


Replicate to an RDBMS and/or the Cloud in the same DARSTRAN instance.


Sysplex aware.


Dramatic performance improvements may be realized if the parallel processing features of DARSLOAD are fully exploited in installations where the available CPU cycles on the target platform exceed those available on the mainframe.



Note: Journal processing requiring decompression using CA PRESSPACK is only supported on the mainframe. This is a limitation of the CA-PRESSPACK code and not DARSTRAN.





Built-in logic dynamically computes OWNER pointer values for a SET where OWNER pointers are not defined in CA IDMS by using the SET’s NEXT pointer within the replica. Absolutely NO access to the CA IDMS application database is required to formulate the relationship.


Predictable response times plus elimination of “dirty reads” of the CA IDMS application database result in substantial performance benefits.



  Error Logging

Extensive Error logging facilities.


Formatted for loading into an RDBMS table for query and analysis.


Includes logging of invalid Dates and Elements that contain data that does not match the defined Data Type.


Flexible error detection provides logging of information at the Schema, Record, or Element level.





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