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Replicate your Data in an RDBMS and/or The Cloud and keep it Instantly Synchronized


The Innovative Evolution of The Industry-Leading CA IDMS Replication Toolset

  • No CA IDMS database access is performed except to extract the CA IDMS data for Initial Load of the target RDBMS.

  • The core DARSTRAN Replication Engine and Journal Image Processor have been designed and written to run on a full range of popular target platforms, including the mainframe. Common code for all platforms ensures high performance, reliability and identical replication on all platforms.

  • The core DARSTRAN Replication Engine and Journal Image Processor provide superior performance and reliabilty when capturing updates from the Active CV Journals. Updates are processed at COMMIT and/or FINISH and sent to the target platform using the guaranteed delivery provided by IBM's MQSeries.

  • Unlike some other replication tools, No application or CA IDMS system modifications such as HOOKs, EXITs or DBPROCs are used that could seriously impact and/or destabilize your CVs.

  • The innovative design allows ISP to offer optional components to CA IDMS Network and CA IDMS/SQL database users who require data replication to DB2 or CA IDMS/SQL on z/OS; DB2, DB2UDB, MS SQLServer, MySQL, Oracle, and Sybase on Windows 2000/2003/2008 Server, and/or on AIX/Unix/Linux based and/or on zLinux platforms where the respective RDBMS is supported. Both 32 bit and 64 bit are available as required.

  • The user may optionally generate XML to process the replicated data with a variety of third party software products.

  • There is no requirement to copy the client's database files for processing off site. All CA IDMS data processing is performed at the client's site under the client's scrutiny and security control.

  • The CA IDMS Metadata can be extracted and loaded into your RDBMS of choice for use with various Reporting, Analysis and Drawing Tools. With our Active Journal feature, the RDBMS TABLEs will be kept in sync with the CA IDMS IDD.

  • Mutiple targets and Clouds can be synchronized from a single DARSTRAN instance.






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