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DARSTRAN Oracle Logminer





A New Extension of The Industry-Leading Replication Toolset





We combine our extensive experience with CA IDMS Replication and the Oracle expertise of our Partners at Macrosoft Inc. to add Oracle Replication to the DARSTRAN Replication Suite.


We take the Oracle DDL and import it into our DARSWIN software to convert the DDL to the Target RDBMS of choice. DARSWIN becomes the source and repository for the Target RDBMS DDL and data transformation, TABLE and Column selection rules.


Supported Target RDBMS include DB2 on the mainframe and non-mainframe platforms; CA IDMS SQL; MS SQLServer; MySQL; Oracle; and Sybase.


Supported Target RDBMS platforms include z/OS; AIX; HP-UX, both PA-RISC and Itanium, Linux; Solaris, both SPARC and Intel; Unix and Windows.


DARSTRAN Oracle Logminer uses the Oracle Logminer software to ensure accurate and stable transaction capture.


Replication is by TABLE with Column selection to ensure that sensitive or unwanted data is not replicated.


IBM's MQSeries is used for message transport because MQSeries provides built-in recovery and guaranted message delivery.
Note: If the target RDBMS is on z/OS, MQSeries must be licensed on z/OS and include the Client Attachment Facility.


DARSTRAN Oracle Logminer provides the capability of process restart at an SCN, specific time or combination of both in the event that a catastrophic Target RDBMS system failure occurs.


DARSTRAN's proven SQL Apply software is used on all software platforms.

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