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CA-IDMS Performance Monitoring


PMDC - Base Software

  • Full screen, menu driven, online real-time and historical performance management software for all CA-IDMS Releases from 10.0 through 17.x Central Version.
  • Fully compatible with IBM VM, DOS/VSE and MVS/SP, XA, ESA and OS/390 operating systems.
  • Designed to perform all functions with the least possible impact on the CV run-time environment.
  • Summarized individual resource data is presented at the highest level with the option of selecting more detailed displays that include individual Control Blocks and Storage Addresses.
  • Performance data is also presented using graphs, charts and histograms where appropriate.
  • ALERTs are generated and issued to specific CA-IDMS-DC Destination names, Logical Terminal names or User SIGNON identifiers. Optionally, TASKs can be automatically terminated when user specified threshold limits have been exceeded.


PMDC Features


External Monitor and Command Center

Statistics Capture and Reporting

CV Dump Capture and Analysis

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