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CA-IDMS Performance Monitoring


PMDC Logging - Optional Feature

  • CV Event, Interval, Alert Messages and Logging statistics are captured to SMF (MVS only) or VSAM ESDS datasets for integration with other SMF data management and reporting systems such as MXG, CA-MICS or SAS.
  • Over 70 standard reports are provided for the SAS user. All the required PMDC SAS reporting macros are included.
  • A User Exit is provided for collecting and recording information specific to a user's requirement.
  • MXG style components, Output Exit macros and complete documentation are included for incorporating the captured data into the MXG system.


PMDC MICS - Optional Feature

  • Includes formatting, installation generated documentation and an accounting component that are required to integrate the captured statistical data into a standard CA-MICS database.


PMDC Features

Basic Monitoring

External Monitor and Command Center


CV Dump Capture and Analysis

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