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CA-IDMS Performance Monitoring


PMDC External Monitor (EXTN) - Optional Feature

  • External monitoring of the CV system even during total lockout conditions to allow technical and support staff to identify problems and take the appropriate action, including Task termination.
  • Uses VTAM communication to access a CV anywhere on the Network.


PMDC Command Center (CVCC) - Optional Feature

  • Operates in a separate z/OS Address Space to collect and consolidate specific PMDC displays, ALERT conditions and background statistics from different CVs on the same local and/or remote machines and LPARs.
  • Multiple CVs can each be interrogated from a single screen.
  • Critical performance indicators for all CVs can be collected automatically and assessed using a single "Command-Center" display.
  • Uses VTAM communication to access the CVs anywhere on the Network.


PMDC Features

Basic Monitoring


Statistics Capture and Reporting

CV Dump Capture and Analysis

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